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i read the pacific rim novel for some reason and the author cut out the i love u between mako and stacker and made mako and raleigh KISS AT THE END FUCK THIS BOOK

I believe Novelizations are based on early versions of scripts, so those are things that GDT probably had added in as the film went through production.







Something has been awakened…

Tickets for #GODZILLA are now available:

GODDAMMIT!!!!  When will they open advance sales in the UK?!?! It’s like 3 weeks away!!!

I know that advance tickets are on sale here in the US, but I can’t order mine quite yet because I need to know where the Nearest Imax playing the film is. Our local theaters websites are run by fucking -monkeys- and can barely keep their sites up-to-date, let alone three weeks in advance. So as of yet, the main sites don’t even have Godzilla as a title playing in the near future.

It’s really kinda irritating because I want to take a huge group of friends to a midnight premiere, but they need to know when it’s happening and where we’ll have to go (because I -am- seeing this movie on Imax big-screen, even if we have to drive 45 minutes out of our way) :/

The excitement I feel for this film is palpable and it HURTS

One of the very very minor annoyances of working in the vfx industry is that I don’t always get to take my husband to the crew screenings. I really like to be with him when he sees it so I can show him all the bits I’ve done (to justify all the late nights ;) ). Living in London, the presales usually book within about 30min of the tickets going on sale.

Fingers crossed they open soon!!

aaaAAA I was actually not expecting you to re-reblog this from me and respond, so thank you very much, It’s made my day to know that someone who worked on Godzilla acknowledged my existence through the embarrassing medium of complaint!

But yeah, that must be rough. With a film that’s been as secretive as Godzilla, I can imagine the strain it can have on someone mentally, physically, and emotionally. But, I’ve seen the leaked Wondercon footage (shame on me, I know Dx) and I don’t know if you worked on any of that sequence in particular, but I can say it was spectacular.

So when you do finally get to see the finished product with your husband, I think it will -easily- justify all the time and effort you’ve put into the film.

*giggle*  - I assume that no one reads anything I post!

Strain? Not really. All my projects are pretty secretive, so it’s a normal part of life to keep my work quiet. And this is my dream job, so really the stress is pretty minor.

I haven’t seen the Wondercon footage, so I’m not sure what’s in it.  If you happen to see a youtube link anywhere let me know!

Ah, well, that’s good then! Do a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life :3

The Wondercon footage was 6 minutes of Godzilla’s appearance in Hawaii. Gareth said the scene wasn’t completely finished (and there are a few spots were the CGI itself wasn’t quite done) and I’ve also heard tell that the footage they showed was -not- all of the scene.

I know Warner Bros. has been ripping videos of the internet, but my friend AstoundingBeyondBelief has the file for it, so I imagine that he could help you out too. :3

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